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Welcome to the inaugural post for the newly revised IPS Blog. We began the process of redefining our business almost 24 months ago and then like much of the country, we got completely turned upside down by the pandemic. Even our basic daily interactions with our existing clients has changed. Transitioning from a field where direct personal interactions was considered an imperative for success to an environment of Zoom calls and emails has certainly led to both some unique challenges and unique opportunities.  Our goal with this blog is simple, use this new environment to focus our energy on providing world-class content that can add value to all our clients and followers on a regular basis.

My only goal today is to introduce you to this forum and make the case why this blog versus the endless other options fighting for your attention.

I will start making this case by expounding on the breath of subject expertise possessed by the IPS team. We are in a unique position to have certified experts on staff in Branding, Marketing Automation, SEO, Print and Packaging, and Data Analytics. Even more importantly, we will demonstrate how to pull all these areas together to create truly memorable campaigns and marketing initiatives.

Secondly, we will be laser focused on providing actionable intelligence. We are not simply going to be explaining why you need to focus on certain areas but rather help you build a toolkit with tips and tricks to accelerate deployment, case studies to use in your own planning; in short a dialog on how to succeed.  

That leads right into my next point, we are going to be build a dialog with our customers, our business partners, industry experts, and business leaders. We want to create a forum where the tools are agnostics and just the processes and results matter.  I know from decades of personal experience that I never know where that nugget of information will come from that redefines my thinking. Its sharing our stories and hearing how collectively we solve business problems, especially around marketing and communications.

I am confident that as you meet the team at IPS through their contributions to the Blog, you will see we have developed a well-rounded knowledge base covering the complete sales and marketing experience.  We are excited to share our experiences and equally anxious to hear about yours. 

Phil Palmieri
Phil Palmieri

Phil Palmieri is the founder, CEO and President of IPS. He has over 20 years experience in the printing and promotional products industry, as well as an MS in Data Analytics. Phil is SharpSpring Advanced User Certified.