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About Our Company

For more than two decades, IPS has been the partner of choice to many of the most prestigious corporations, non-profits, and marketing agencies throughout the country. Our complete end-to-end solutions, in-house production, and a full network of specialized resources have delivered on the single-source promise that many customers demand. Our customers have learned that with IPS, you can be assured that your project will be delivered on-time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards within the industry.

While much has changed within the industry, the one thing that hasn’t is the IPS commitment to transform our business to deliver value to our customers. Over the past twenty-two years, we have transitioned from a print distributor focused primarily transactional documents into a full-service marketing agency with special expertise in each of our five business segments. At IPS, we don’t just jump on the latest buzzwords, we become certified experts in the latest tools needed to be a full-service provider by investing the time and resources to excel in each segment. When describing IPS today, our clients are as likely to refer to us as marketing automation specialists or data scientists versus a print and promotional supplier.

As our loyal customers know, ALL our products and services are backed with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. It is this commitment, and our unwavering focus on our customers has fueled our continued growth. We are proud that many of our customers have been with us since our inception. There is no greater validation of your mission than to be able to continue to grow with your business partners, and that is what each client is to us, a partner.