Clients don’t just need a strategy. They need a partner.

Say goodbye to the days of marketing mishaps, generic campaign strategies and a lack of ROI.

There is a reason why we are here, and it’s for you. IPS is your full-service, one stop marketing communications partner, invested in delivering solutions that set the standards for how your brand connects and communicates with your target. Since our inception, we have excelled in the analysis, implementation, and monitoring of corporate wide programs. From fulfillment, to warehousing, to personalized media campaigns, we offer a wide range of expertise that gives you the advantage.

What makes us Different?

We know that true success cannot be measured by only one campaign, but rather the ability to build a framework which can systematically ensure continued success. Our framework, which we call our 360° Solution, offers you the ability to flawlessly execute a customized communication strategy across all touch points with your customer. It offers consistency and reinforces your brand message at every opportunity.

Founded almost two decades ago, we have put our customer at the center of our business strategy. We have invested in all of the latest technology and continue to expand our product offering as the marketing world continues to evolve. So whether you need a brand strategy, printing services, an on-line marketing campaign, or all of the above, IPS is your answer.